Friday, March 6, 2009

Olivas Adobe Arch

Oil on Canvas Board

I snapped a photo of this arch while doing a plein air at this location a while back. It was just a beautiful day, and everything was bright and perfect. I have been working on this slowly, just fussing with it until it was as good as I could make it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Matilija Trail - Plein Air

Oil on Masonite

I went hiking with my husband and stepson. I knew they would run on ahead, so I brought my plein air stuff to sit out the hike.

Hikers frequently came around the corner with their dogs. Everyone wanted to look, which I like a lot. (Can you imagine if people shielded their eyes and hurried by?) The dogs all wanted to sniff and baptize my easel. I got a stick, and would shout “NO!” and the dog owners would look so indignant and offended. “Fluffy wasn’t going to bite you, he just wanted to say hi”. (Yeah, and tinkle on my foot.)

Two fat, old rottweilers came snuffling around, and they didn’t seem to belong to anyone. I was too afraid to go after them with a stick, so I left them alone. They seemed to be happy to find someone that wasn’t hiking, so they laid down and “enjoyed” my company. Then everyone who came around the corner would say, “Does your dog bite?”, which made me think of that line from Inspector Clouseau . . .

After I got home and looked at it for a couple of days, I improved the values and details. But the trees are repeats of round forms, which is not the best composition.