Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CYM Color Wheel

I was curious to see how primary cyan, magenta, and yellow interacted, so I made a color wheel.

The canvas is just pure white, and I noticed that all the colors are transparent. The purple at the bottom did not photograph correctly, but it is a true purple, not dark blue like it looks in the picture.

I like how vivid the greens came out, but the orange came out very weak. I had thought that with such a bright yellow and bright pink, it would make a bright orange. I guess the yellow has enough green in it to knock it down. The colors on the outside of the ring are tints of the base color.

Syracuse, NY

Oil on Canvas Panel

This was from the Image Gallery on Wet Canvas. Thank you very much to the person who posted it. My regular job has picked up, so I don’t have has much time to paint.

I had couple of hours, so I grabbed a pre-tinted canvas, and just started working on it. The canvas was tinted an Indian red, and it was pretty dark, so I was not sure if it would work, but it was the only one I had.

I focused on getting more delicate brushstrokes, yet keeping blocks of color together. I also tried to make the grass somewhat like Ron Guthrie’s grass by using the edge of the fan brush to pull up the blades out of the paint. The bright purple in the back of the trees is really much more subtle, I don’t know why it photographed so brightly.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Orange Tree on a Drizzly Day

Oil on Canvas Board

My day job has been keeping me busy, so I have not had much time to paint. I had an evening free, so this was my chance. I found this photo in an album. I remember snapping this picture. It was a drizzly spring morning. This was an area that used to be an orchard, but the trees were neglected now. The grass was long, and everything was wet and still. When I took the picture, the sky was gray and drizzly, but I thought I would try making it lavender.

Freesias and Cobalt Bottle

Oil on Canvas Board

I painted this immediately after I painted the black and white study. I enjoyed painting the cobalt bottle best: using the transparent, brilliant ultramarine blue like cobalt watercolor. In the actual painting, the bottle is a bit more subtle and resembles the blue glass better.

Black and White value study

Oil on Canvas Board

This was another exercise. The teacher told us to go home and paint a still life in black and white, then do it again in color. She recommended using vegetables, but I decided to do a flower in a bottle instead.

Exercise: Plate, Cup, Bowl

Oil on stretched canvas

This was an exercise at my art lesson. The teacher set it up, and we painted it, concentrating on color mixing and values. I am not happy with the drawing, but relatively happy with the colors and values. The shadow on the wall was just gray, so the teacher told me to put some colors into it. She also told me to put some of the colors from each of the objects into the other objects.

Path To Sycamores

Plein Air
Oil on Canvas Board

I signed up for six sessions of art lessons with a local artist. This was from the first lesson. It was a plein air painting in Ojai, California. This site is near the crosstreets of El Roblar and Rice. There is a whole river bottom, protected, and full of hiking trails and plein air subjects.