Friday, July 10, 2009

Joyce Pike Demo: Pin Rose and Silver

Oil on Canvas board

I was unhappy with my rose in the last painting, so I bought a Joyce Pike video from It was called “Still Life Floral: Pin Rose and Silver”. There was a wine glass in it too, but I left that out. I learned more about other things and some about roses. I will need more practice for those.

First, Joyce creates what she calls “Elephant Gray” from Cad Orange and Ultramarine Blue. I found this interesting because blue is the coolest of the cools, and Ultramarine Blue is very dark and transparent. Orange is the warmest of the warms, and very bright, and opaque. So they are not only complimentary colors, they are also opposites in value and opacity. I did as she directed and I found the gray it made to be very flexible and colorful.

Joyce outlined the pot first (starting with a plumb line and ellipses), then blocked in the basic shadows of the pot, using her elephant gray mix. Then she said to make the roses with alizarin Crimson and Indian yellow. She quickly scumbled in the rose silhouettes, then wiped out where the lights will be. She said you must look at a real (or fake) rose, to do this, but you cannot do it from memory. Her set up was pale pink fabric roses, but she painted them a dark red color. She just scribbled them in a hurry. She is a fast painter. She indicated leaves with quick dabs of sap green. I did not have Sap Green, so I used Viridian, which was a mistake: It was too blue and bright. I tried to wipe them out and re-do them with Terra Verde, which was much better, being warmer and less vibrant.

Then she took her white and made it real soupy with medium, mixed it with her elephant gray, and scribbled it loosely all over the background with a fat bristle brush. She included some of her flower color in the background too, which she said is important to always do.

Lastly, she lightened up her red mixture, and dabbed on the rose lights. She would put down a stroke and then blend the petal towards the center with her finger. But the cameraman was not good. Her hand was between the paint and the camera so you could not see her applying the detail. Another time, he focused on the fabric roses while she said off camera, “Do like this . . . this … this . . . and THIS! And here you have it!” And we could not observe any of it.

After watching the video, I copied the small picture from the front of the video, using her colors and techniques. I learned the most about her elephant gray, doing a quick background, and silver pots. My roses are “better”, but not there yet. No matter what, I learn something from every painting.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pink Roses

Oil on Canvas Panel
11 x14

I tried doing this picture from a photo in the Wet Canvas Image Reference Library. Thank you to whomever posted it. I re-did the main rose three times, and I am still not 100% happy with it. I like the foil on the pot best. Too bad that’s not the focal point. Well, I guess I will just have to work on roses for a while.