Friday, January 17, 2014

Matilija Canyon #2

Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

It’s been a while since I posted, and it’s been a while since I painted too. My notary work has been very busy, so I have not had much time to paint. Also, we moved, so I had to pack up my studio and then unpack it and set it up again. At the old house (the mobile home), everything was always set up and ready to go, so when I wanted to paint, I just had to flick on the lights and sit down in front of the easel. But since we moved, we put all the unpacked boxes in the “studio”, and that took a while to clear out. Then my sister needed to move somewhere, and hey, the “studio” was empty so in went her bed and furniture. I finally just said, “I’m setting up in the living room”, so I commandeered a corner of the living room, and I got back to painting. What I learned was: if the equipment is not set up, nothing is going to get painted.

I was asked to show my work one Saturday, and they wanted me to paint during the day too, in case it would help generate interest. My “Matilija Canyon” had been pretty popular among my friends, so I printed off a photo reference and brought it along to paint. I was not going to pressure myself, just something to do while I sat there all day. I got it half-way finished by the end of the day, then I set up my easel at home and worked on it every night until it was done.

I am feeling more comfortable and confident in my painting. I don’t stress as much. But also, I was trying to paint this one looser and less perfectionist, so that also helped take off the pressure. I am happy how this one came out.

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